Helle Hein

MSc, PhD.,
Researcher, Author, Keynote Speaker

Independent researcher, leading expert on motivation and leadership and the woman behind the Prima Donna Management Theory.

Motivation means “to move”. Motivation is a state of mind that moves us. Motivation is what drives us to act in certain ways.

But as human beings we are complex. We have different sets of values. Different life philosophies. Different motivational drivers. One theory doesn’t fit all.

Based on years and years of research and tons of qualitative field studies I have developed The Archetype Model. The Archetype Model describes four distinctly different motivational profiles.

Insight into The Archetype Model can help you understand why people behave the way they do. What drives them? Why do they react in certain ways? What is the best way to lead them? How do you help them excel? How do you realize their talent? And why do people become demotivated?

An important message in my research is that one of the four archetypes – the Prima Donna – tends to be vastly misunderstood (hence the term Prima Donna Management). This leads to a great loss of creative and innovative talent. In general, lack of insight into the complexity of what drives and motivates employees can be devastating to both employees and business. Rather than understanding what drives people, managers often try to force their preferred management style onto employees leading to a great loss of potential. This can be prevented if leaders and managers acquire a deeper insight into The Archetype Model.

You can learn more about the Prima Donna and the other three archetypes in the articles and videos below.

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